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FilmOrganic OPS biodegradable mulch film

FilmOrganic OPS/SPB is a new biodegradable mulch specially designed for fruit and vegetable production in accordance with CAN Standard CGSB 32.310-2015, which governs organic production systems.

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This mulch is made using the latest clean technologies. It contains zero petroleum derivatives, and the renewable materials incorporated therein are sourced from GMO-free plants. There is no carbon black and the ingredients are found or are permissible per the Permitted Substances List of the Standard.

It is made from compostable bioplastics. It is durable on the bed provided it is installed according to the installation instructions. After harvest, cut harrow the film in the soil. Soil-borne microorganisms transform the FilmOrganic mulch into carbon dioxide and water. The biochemical decomposition usually begins after a few months when the temperature exceeds 10 degrees celsius.

Limited quantities.
For 2017, only available are 48″ x 4000’.
Delivery at the end of May.

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More on FilmOrganic OPS biodegradable mulch film

Targeted crops Curcubits and solanaceas
Benefits Helps to:
1. Increase, even double crop yield.
2. Control weed pressure.
3. Maintain cleaner produce.
4. Maintain soil humidity.
5. Save time.
6. Save money.
Installation instructions Apply a slight tension in the length. Put no tension on the press wheels.
Compostability Excellent on the condition that the organic matter in the soi lis above 1%, the mulch film is disked and buried in the soil and the temperature is above 10o celcius.
Type de soils From light sand to heavy clay
Colour Coffee brown
Length 4000 feet per roll
Width 48 inches
Composition All ingredients meet ASTM D-6400. No petroleum derivative. No carbon black. Renewable materials from GMO-free sources.
Price 1 roll : 850$ – 3 rolls or more : 690$ per roll
Caution : The information presented herein are based on our current knowledge. Given the many factors that can influence the effectiveness of the product, disclosing this information does not relieve growers from performing their own tests and experiments. FilmOrganic makes no guarantee of quality for any specific purpose.