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About us

FilmOrganic is a company specializing in soil biodegradable bio-plastic mulch films. FilmOrganic mulch film frees up labour, saves time, money and reduces the end of season stress in connection with clean-up operations.

FilmOrganic offers a clean and environmentally friendly technology. There is no plastic accumulation and contamination of fields. Click here if you are a homeowner concerned about the cleanliness of your land.

Click here if you are a landlord, interested in clean and residu free soil.

FilmOrganic deals directly with Growers. We are the specialists in bio-plastic mulch film and we listen to what Producers have to say. In turn, we create even more innovative soil biodegradable mulch films to even better equip producers.

« Filmorganic biodegradable = Save time, save money, reduce end of season stress »

« Our soil biodegradable mulch film provides for a more durable agriculture
And etter worker safety »

« Filmorganic’s goal = to accompany producers in their change over to soil biodegradable mulch films »