Our Mission

Our mission is to give farmers the opportunity to increase their yield with environmentally friendly biodegradable mulch film that won’t damage their soil.

Our Values

We want to see Growers succeed, and to offer tools that boost yield, save money, improve soils, and reduce soil waste. That means a cleaner, safer, more affordable, and more convenient method of farming.


Our Promise

More than anything, we just want to see farmers succeed! We promise to continuously innovate new and better ways to save costs, improve soils, and reduce solid waste.

Our Essence

Our team is passionate about breaking conventional boundaries. We break the mold by engineering our products’ lifespans and color patterns to best suit the specific needs of crops and climates.

Our Vibe

We strive to have an open dialogue with growers! We encourage them to share with us their opinion to continuously keep the best product on the market.



→ FilmOrganic begins operations. Field trials with over 100 growers. Uses only the best certified ingredients available on the market. No polyethylene. No plastic. True biodegradable technology with a promise to make it affordable for growers.

2014 field studies


→ Lauches 66 series. Double the useful lifespan of the compostable biodegradable mulch film from 3 to 6 months without doubling the cost.

2017 black


→ Opens NY distribution center.

→ Increases production capacity of 66 series products.


→ Opens CO distribution center.

→ Introduces 88 series. Specifically designed for over-winter strawberries and double-crop situations.

→ Introduces Smart Stripes. Helps boost hemp yield by 10% as compared to other color patters and bare ground, in most climates. Proven by Colorado State University.

2019 smart stripes


→ Opens Portand, OR distribution center.

→ Introduces Reflective compostable-biodegradable mulch film. Repels aphids. Unique on the market.

→ Obtains TÜV certification on all of it’s product line. Certified compostable-biodegradable. Seedling certified. Leaves no heavy-metals. Totally clean and safe. Germination rates unaffected.

2020 reflective

Shipping Location

→ Saratoga Springs, NY

→ Elizabethtown, KY

→ Portland, OR

→ Valdosta, GA

→ Montreal, QC

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