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Our Mission

Our mission is to give farmers the opportunity to increase their yield with environmentally friendly biodegradable mulch film that won’t damage their soil.


Our promise

More than anything, we just want to see farmers succeed! We promise to continuously innovate new and better ways to save costs, improve soils, and reduce solid waste.

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Our essence

Our team is passionate about breaking conventional boundaries. We break the mold by engineering our products’ lifespans and color patterns to best suit the specific needs of crops and climates.

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Our vibe

We strive to have an open dialogue with growers! We encourage them to share with us their opinion to continuously keep the best product on the market.

Since 2014, FilmOrganic helps efficient Growers of hemp, vegetables and fruits be even more efficient at what they do. We provide the most complete line of soil-biodegradable mulch films available on the market. Our technology is proprietary and our processes unique. We only use certified compostable materials in all of our mixtures and tightly control all aspects of the manufacturing process.

FilmOrganic’s line of mulch films are specific to the crop type, the region, soil conditions and bed height. Why? To be the best at suppressing weed pressure and managing moisture. So what? To help you get the yield targets you’re shooting for. 


FilmOrganic conducts 2 types of research. First, we verify performance in terms of Percent Soil Exposure. The lower the better.

Then, we study yield. We have ongoing research programs with Washington State University, Colorado State University and Georgia State University. We work with Extension agents in Kentucky, New Jersey and other areas. We also conduct our own field research. So we can give you the best mulch film performance bar none.

FilmOrganic manufactures in 5 different locations according to Good Manufacturing Practices and has several stocking warehouses including Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, New York State and Oregon. We build in quality and redundancy for extra dependability and reliability. You’ll never run short with FilmOrganic.

Looking to grow more and better? FilmOrganic’s extensive expertise as well as its unique and proven products will help you do just that.


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