FilmOrganic shrinks to the bed. Stays put even in windy conditions.
Manage heat units to minimize heat stress and increase yield.
Better for your pocket book.
If you grow hemp on bare ground, then using FilmOrganic:

→ Reduce your water consumption

→ Increases yield thanks to mulch film color options

→ Lower weeding costs

→ Better consistency

Lower plant stress. Better control on THC

If your hemp is on plastic mulch, then using FilmOrganic provides these benefits:

→ No moss buildups under the mulch film. FilmOrganic is semi-breathable.

→ Increases yield thanks to mulch film color options

→ Labor savings. Tend to your harvest instead of wasting time. costs

→ No pollution. Landlords love it.

→ Lower cost


We provide the most comprehensive line of soil-biodegradable mulch films for hemp producers using certified ingredients.

Why? To help you maximize yield.

Here is how :

  1. Minimizing the Percent Soil Exposure leading to weed control;
  2. Wicking away moisture from the root zone in humid climates;
  3. Improving heat management to avoid plant shut down;
  4. Dealing with various soil types and textures for weed protection all season long.

FilmOrganic has created unique products that are perfectly suited for hemp production. As you well know, industrial hemp likes to grow in the 80-88°F range and prefers drier ground than very damp soil.

Mulches are region specific for different levels of breathability :

  • SouthEast / humid
  • North / humid
  • Mountain and desert Arid / semi-arid

Mulches are heat specific :

  • Smart Stripes
  • CoolWhite
  • Black
  • Insect repellent reflective
  • Reflective Stripes

Finally, mulches are soil specific 

  • Black soil
  • Clay soil
  • Loam soil
  • Sandy soil
  • Rocky soil
  • Red soil
  • Silt soil

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