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How to install

FilmOrganic soil-biodegradable mulch films are thinner and engineered differently than regular poly mulches and require slightly different laydown settings.

Consequently, the settings to the plastic laying machine are different.

When properly adjusted, results are at least as good if not better than with plastic mulch.

Please observe the following guidelines

  • Please make sure that all rollers on the machine turn freely, and the tires well inflated.
  • It is best for the bed to be well shaped and uniformly filled with soil. The soil warms up faster when the mulch film is in direct contact..
  • Adjust the laying machine by first removing the tension in the length direction and reducing the tension in the cross direction by straightening out the wheels. Install 50 feet and observe.
  • Increase the tension in the length direction to avoid bellowing, and so the film doesn’t rewind on itself. The film will stay put even on hot and sunny days.
  • For optimal results, direct seed or transplant within 1 week.

Post harvest instructions:

Do not remove FilmOrganic mulch from the soil. Instead, chop up the film and incorporate it by disking or tilling it at least 2 or 3 times in soil the after harvest.

That will ensure proper soil contact with the film. A film that sees light will not compost. It has to be buried for the microorganisms to digest the film.

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