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Mulch films

Inputs to FilmOrganic mulches are biodegradable and compostable according to ASTM D-6400, European standard EN 13432 and the GreenPla Japanese standard.

In contrast with the old plastic mulch, Growers no longer need to lift, remove and dispose of in landfills. That is because FilmOrganic is a soil-biodegradable mulch. After harvest, simply disk FilmOrganic mulch film into the soil along with plant residues. It chemically decomposes and biodegrades, and transforms into humus, water and carbon dioxide. This land is fully usable during the few months of decomposition. Click here if you are a homeowner and interested in the cleanliness of your land.

Click here if you are a landlord, interested in clean and residu free soil.

FilmOrganic soil biodegradable mulch films

  • Reduce weed pressure
  • Maintain soil moisture
  • Better manages soil temperatures
  • Avoids contact between the fruit and the soil, for better produce cleanliness
  • Reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides

Please note that FilmOrganic does not sell any certified organic mulch film.

FilmOrganic offers a complete line of crop specific mulch films:


Specifically created for short crops such as lettuce and cucurbits


For long crops such as tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant


For sweet corn

Available options:

Per roll
from 36 to 72 inches, 5000 feet per roll 

Per pallets :
Available in 2 options:

Standard       25 rolls / pallet

Miniskid         10 rolls / pallet

In summary, FilmOrganic

Reduces operation costs

  • Cuts labor
  • Cuts tractor usage
  • No tipping fees
  • No old plastic bits to pick up

Easy to install, NO BELLOWING

  • Doesn’t lift up and blow away
  • Doesn’t rub and harm young plants
  • Better heat transfer to the soil

Lasts on the soil bed for the whole season

Allows Growers to save 1-2 weeks of work

  • Faster field preparation
    Mid-season, with short crops
    In preparation for the next season

Is a clean technology and allows for more sustainable agriculture

  • Workers no longer breathe in dust and chemical residues because there is no plastic to remove
  • No disposal into garbage disposal sites

Contact us, to get more information about our non-standard formats or if you have a particular need.